Quick Services

Check out our following quick services that we have to offer here at Hands to Paws Grooming.

  • Nail Clipping:$8
  • Ear Cleaning:$3 / with Plucking: $5
  • Toothbrushing: $5
  • House Blend Paw and Nose Balm: $3
  • Face Touch-up:$8
  • Paw Spa:$15
  • Fresh Ears:$7

Nail clipping: Smoothing and rounding with the exclusive Diamond Head Dremel attachment:

Paw Spa: Includes clipping and smoothing nails, trimming pads of feet, rounding paws, application of House Blend Paw and Nose Balm.

Fresh Ears: Includes ear cleaning, plucking, if necessary, and brush out on ears.